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A Full Service Automation Integrator

Why choose RDF Concepts

Committed to a distinctive, customer-service approach, RDF Concepts has earned a reputation of integrity and professionalism. As a full service automation integrator, RDFC supports it customers through the entire integration process – from the development of customized system through documentation, process management, training, start-up, and 24/7 after-sales service.


Scope Development

An RDFC project begins with the comprehensive evaluation of a company’s process control system needs, gaining a thorough understanding of the process involved and the objectives set. Together we examine alternative solutions and determine the cost-effectiveness of the project.



With each project vision and objective in mind, we determine the best components and configurations for the specific job.      “Innovative Solutions” are the hallmark of our designs. RDFC is prepared to design your automation project from industrial automation processors to MCC layouts, we have the experts who design cost-effective, state of the art systems that will provide years of sustainability. Our design team can provide detailed AutoCAD drawings of the following:

- Electrical Control Schematics
- Communication Architecture
- Panel Layout and Assembly
- Detailed "Bill of Material"
- Power One Line
- I/O Diagrams





RDF’s excellent programmers are capable of turning your industrial automation dream into a reality. Our code, developed with the industry’s strictest standards, ensures each project is compatible with existing systems. RDFC Concepts is an integrator of all major programming technologies.

- PLC & HMI Programming
- Alarming and Notification
- Database and Reporting
- Industrial Networks
- Remote Monitoring




Field Commissioning

A timely and efficient start-up relies upon effective field commissioning. An on-site, in-place test of the control system’s operational functionality results in a successful project completion.

- Power Test Control System
- Verify all I/O Points
- Establish & Verify Communications
- Check Programming Logic
- Test Functionality of Process
- Customer Final Review and Approval


RDF Concepts has created strategic alliances with all of the major technology providers in the industry. Our partnership gives us the resources to pick the best technologies for each project. Wonderware, Rockwell Software, Allen-Bradley, Automation Direct and Saginaw Controls are just to name a few.

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