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Auburn Bean & Grain Facility, Standish, Michigan

Provided a state-of-the-art grain transport system. This system will maximize productivity via access to operating parameters of all equipment simultaneously through a centralized HMI control station. Our control system facilitates this grass roots plant to load out 90 car unit trains with a 40,000 bushel per hour fill rate and can also load out by truck. The new communications system allows this facility to be remotely monitored and operated from any computer with an internet connection.

Waste Management, Hastings, Michigan

After completion, this facility was able to pump waste into the City of Hastings Waste Water Treatment Plant and control the daily amounts quickly and effectively. The proactive alarm systems on the tanks are used to control amounts of ammonia in the process and eliminate overages into the water system.

Compositech, Lowell, Michigan

This control system and one-of-a-kind RDF Concepts equipment design drives a fully functioning Filament Winding Machine for constructing fiberglass tanks up to 30ft. in diameter.

Carbon Green Bio-Energy, Lake Odessa, Michigan

A complete overhaul of company owned as-recorded P&ID’s, RDF Concepts took original PDF format P&ID drawings and reconciled them in AutoCAD for EPA & local government agency verification and record keeping.