RDF Concepts Background

RDF Mechanical Services Business Unit

Setting A Higher Industry Standard

Mechanical Services

RDF Concepts provides a full range of mechanical services that will surpass the demands of modern industry. We set a higher standard.

A professional attitude combined with superior workmanship and an utmost commitment to customer service sets our industrial professionals apart from the rest. We have highly skilled craftsman, heavy equipment operators and trade workers who, when joined with years of managerial experience, become an unparalleled work force.

Our services include commercial construction, foundations, rigging, electrical and mechanical installation, crane service, heavy hauling and other general millwright skill set. Specializing in all phases of installation, RDFC is the go-to company for all your projects.

Safety First

A dedication to the highest safety standards make RDF Concepts a leader within the mechanical field. All our team members are continually educated, tested and certified to assure a safe workplace.


All our specialists are certified in:

-Rigging and setting large equipment
-Arial Lifts
-Civil Excavation
-Confined Space
-Fork Truck Operations
-Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Project Management

RDF Concepts recognizes that Project Management adds value for success. From large-scale jobs to small projects, our PM’s have the experience to understand the challenges you face and are dedicated to making your projects run as efficiently as possible.

We give our customers a “5 Point Assurance."

1.)High level of communication
2.)Transparent project cost reports
3.)Generate and conform to a detailed scope of work
4.)Weekly schedule status reports
5.)Professional attitude

By seeing beyond the blueprint, our Project Managers are able to anticipate potential problems, saving you both time and money.

With RDF Concepts on the job, your project will stay on time and on budget.

Plant Shutdowns and Maintenance

We understand that down time means lost revenue so our millwright’s bring the experience and talent to complete your outage on time without sacrificing quality or safety. RDFC also offers yearly general maintenance contracts to support our customers daily operational needs as well as on-call maintenance for breakdowns and jobs that can’t wait for the next shutdown.